Our Assistance is Essential to These Communities

Orphans are aided, the dying are cared for, the vulnerable and abused are given refuge, the unemployed are given work, farmers are given micro-loans, homes are built, food is provided, hope is given and more.

Spiritual, psychological, medical, social and legal aid are provided to all those who benefit from the St. Joseph Peruvian Mission Fund. You are invited to visit Piura, Peru to join in the work. We want you to be a part of this work and God’s blessing.

Food Support Programs

The mission supplements food for the poor in Piura through several programs. Family to Family provides a needy Peruvian family a $30 food package each month for a year. The Grandparent to Grandparent program provides $10 a month to needy Peruvian grandparents. The Bananas to Bread program distributes bananas and bread every day to combat hunger in the various needy zones of Piura.

Home Construction

Many Peruvian families in Piura are often in need of better housing. Together parish workers and missionaries utilize rustic materials including plywood, matting, wood and corrugated iron to build new housing that offers better security and protection for the families.

Farmers aid

Many farmers were losing their crops and fields due to untenable loans and corporations forcing them to sell their property. St. Joseph’s Peruvian Mission provided mostly no-interest micro loans to more than 200 farmers in the San Jacinto area. This initial gift allowed the farmers to begin to turn a profit, secure their properties and attract competitive buyers from throughout Peru and other countries.

St. Lucia Clinic

The Santa Lucia clinic specializes in providing the people of Piura with access to healthcare. There are 7 active nurses who provide daily service to the citizens of Piura. Additionally, regular medical missions are coordinated by the nursing team and visiting physicians. In 2017, doctors completed 95 hernia surgeries, 5 carpal tunnel procedures and 63 cataract procedures. Other services offered in the clinic include the Pro-life office, Obstetrician office, infirmary, Ophthalmology clinic and Legal Aid. These offices provide medical attention and advocacy for the ill and impoverished.


The Los Angeles hospice center offers free services for the care of terminally ill patients who lack the economic resources to pay for their medication or food or do not have a dignified place where they can spend their last moments of life. Last year the center received 23 patients.

Our non-profit organization addresses the acute needs and long term development of the poor in Piura, Peru.  We fund programs that provide housing, nutrition, medical care, education, loans, legal aid, farming aid, and more.

For us to continue to provide services to all who are in need, we ask that you give generously.

Therapy Centers

The San Miguel Mental Health Center and The Margarita del Castello Therapy Center provide free psychological consultations and physical and speech therapy.

Additionally, Vida Nueva is a residential drug rehabilitation facility that offers people who have fallen to drug and alcohol addiction to get back their life and overcome their situation. The 12-step program provides a therapeutic and renewing community environment supervised by a psychologist and other pastoral agents from the parish.

Pavillon “Juan Pablo II”

This center serves as a home for the elderly to get together for physical activities, art and music.

Casa Maria

Casa Maria is a shelter for women and children suffering from domestic violence. Casa Maria provides refuge for months until the legal team can provide viable solutions.

Orphans and Children in Need

Hogar Santa Rosa is an orphanage near Santisimo Sacramento parish staffed by Franciscan religious sisters. The sisters create a loving and faithful environment where about 60 children, mostly girls and infants form a family of hope and respect and collaboration.

Madre del Redentor home is a home staffed by the religious sisters of the Daughters of Mary Immaculate. About 70 young girls who come from threatening circumstances in the mountains, the jungle and the coast receive religious formation and education.

La Immaculada home is a complementary campus staffed by the same congregation for young girls in need of rehabilitation from trauma or delinquency.


The CETPRO provides technical training courses in licensed vocational nursing, automotive mechanic, textile manufacturing, cosmetology, baking and pastry making, information technology, civil engineering, construction and bricklaying.

Madre Del Buen Consejo

This is a private educational institution that provides a comprehensive, Catholic education to children grades X to X. There are approximately XX children enrolled at the school.

You Can Help These Communities

Your donations are applied through Santisimo Sacramento Parish in Piura, Peru. A team of men and women on the parish staff connect to over 40 neighborhoods and villages and reach into the lives of poorest to bring them hope through your donation.

For more information, please visit www.santisimo.org